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Lorenzo Frisotti - sculptor

Lorenzo Frisotti "Thought who flees"

Professional experiences

- His first exhibition (January-February 2001) held at the Cafe Pasco Florence
   ENERGY forms of thought
   Presented by Fabrizio Borghini, drew the attention of critics who dedicated a space in the phone book
 art and culture of the Nation of Florence
   Critical presentation of Giampalo Trotta
(As part of the art comtemporanea, of course, you are always attenuated the "barriers" that divide the historical painting and sculpture from the so-called minor arts, including items of furniture or design, like those diversifying the myth of the original single from the serial reproduction of multiple or distingueveno between art object and object in the universe fecente utility.
In this context, the current of the New Realism (Christo, César or Arman) and already even pop art Italian headed by the Roman School of Piazza del Popolo (by Tano Festa Mario Schifano), with its object retrieval comunio however, in the world we live in, or even to "waste" worthless civilization industry (think of the windows reused by Feast or plastics in the paintings of Schifano) have taught us that art (ie complaint of the consumer society and disclosure of a thought and not only aesthetic factor) can also become unnecessary "stuff" of an insignificant everyday tool.
Small animals or fruits, plastic model cars, strumanti music no longer functional, brushes, tubes squeezed color, alarm clocks or knives become, well, in surprising "compressions", "accumulation" or "disruptions" as many and strong artistic messages, like as it were the "cuts" of Fontana or "combustion" Burri.
  Thus, even an ordinary small copper pipe, sold by and included in the field of plant, winding in sinuous forms and harmonious "neofloreali" can draw moods, philosophical messages and artwork. And 'the case of the sculptures of young Florentine Frisotti Lorenzo, who, having studied for Dovo electronics technician, from four years dedicated to the production of artistic objects, gradually become more and more advanced and larger, turning into sculptures, seemingly abstract or "informal". Choosing copper as he himself says, for its warm color and unmistakable, but also because the base of the history of man since prehistoric times, exploiting careatteristiche ductility, he succeeds surprisingly to model forms and figures without resorting to the help of no tool, but using only the hands, according to a principle atavico (therefore also symbolic) of direct contact with the material (primordial) and nature.
This "creative act" to express the path of an inner search in continuous journey, born only in a few moments of "grace" when the soul of the artist is particularly good (and in this we can recognize the eco fascinating cultures of Eastern philosophical ). The sculpture must, in fact, essentially cominicare and instill harmony in absolute synthesis of form, almost universal archetypes. So the copper pipe, as in the revolution of the late nineteenth century liberty, can draw an enigmatic woman's face or the spiral of a sunflower; can represent the complex rotation of the planets and satellites over the world or the purity of a symbolic tree of life (in conceptual similarity with certain paintings by Schifano). The principle of a "religious or of a" pax "universal emerges in the balance and harmony of the Meeting cosmic mirror, while nature guide forms of clover. The vibrant spirals" Freudian "like waves in Being, are released in the message Freedom of Thought fleeing, while the wire you avvulippa in Psychodynamic refer to almost existential tangles of some drawings of Scanavino

- He then made of canvas works for the City of Pontassieve who have been exposed to the Feast of the unit, as works out of competition (2001)
- Selected to the XIX "Premio Firenze" with "Thought fleeing"
- Show the bar the wall partition of Prato, near the Museo Pecci
- Participation "Italian Prize for the visual arts"
- Personal exhibition in Florence
- Personal exhibition in Castelfiorentino
- Review of painting, graphics and sculpture "Landscapes of nature and the soul" Certaldo Praetorian Palace 15/12 / 01-13 // 01/02
- Won the award "Italy for Visual Arts" The seventeenth edition with Acrobatic "
- Exhibition "Art Gallery" of Prato from April to October 2002
- Group exhibition "Artists Fiorentini BETWEEN TRADITION AND RENEWAL" the Guelph palace in November 2002
- Group exhibition at the gallery "ART OF RIRENZE" Montespertoli from November 30 to December 18, 2002
- Personal exhibition at the café of the square in Florence in October 2014
- Show "prize of all arts" held in the hall of the Music of the Old Courthouse in Piazza San Firenze 15 and 16 November 2014 awards ceremony in the Hall of the 500 in the Palazzo Vecchio.
- Show "Park Pazzagli" Florence from March 29 to April 30, 2015

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